Are you a stressed out busy woman who is ready to lose weight for the last time, feel confident in her clothes, and gain energy to keep up with life?

Then my 12-Week Private Coaching Lifestyle Transformation program is right for you!

Does this sound like you?

  • You wake up tired & short-tempered with the kids every morning.

  • You've tried ALL of the fad diets even when you hated them.

  • You waste money on a gym membership because you don't know what to do so you never use it.

  • You feel lonely & exhausted because you never have time for yourself. The age of 'Self Care' must not apply to you.

  • You constantly feel stressed out and use that as an excuse to not take care of your health

  • You continue to wait until you feel "motivated."

What if things could be different?

Picture this instead:

You no longer reach for those fad diets because you've learned what works best for YOUR body. You've created a healthy relationship with food & no longer feel guilty about enjoying your favorite dessert.

Imagine this moment...

You go to the gym- utilizing your gym membership and know exactly what you need to do to reach your fitness goals because you have a 12-Week Custom Fitness Plan designed JUST for you & your fitness goals!

Imagine this lifestyle...

You no longer wait on motivation to strike because you've built a Healthy Foundation. Each morning you wake up energized & grateful. You have created a lifestyle of easy habits that nurture your Mind, Body, & Soul leaving you feeling better than you ever have!

Does this sound like you...

You are actually ready to see & feel results this time. You are DONE with the yo-yo diets and READY to build a lifestyle that will last forever!

You are ready to crush your Health & Fitness goals with so much love, support, and accountability! To have someone cheering you on the whole time!

You are ready for a fully customized fitness plan. Ready for fully customized habits and routines that fit into your life! Ready to change your life forever

If you are ready to live the Lifestyle you desire. Where you feel the best you've ever felt Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally...

This 12- Week Lifestyle Program is RIGHT for you! You will learn how to create a sustainable & adaptable lifestyle that will last you a lifetime! This program impacts EVERY area of your life. You'll finally be Healthy & Balanced by nurturing your Mind, Body, & Soul. This program isn't like any other Health or Fitness programs you've signed up for in the past... but it'll be your last!

What others are saying about their Lifestyle Transformation experience..

I see you and I want you to know THIS Lifestyle is possible for you!

In 12-weeks you and your lifestyle could look like this...

  • Waking up energized & grateful each morning. Giving you a calm start to your day!

  • Feeling a deeper connection with your authentic self so you no longer seek validation from external things or other people.

  • Getting FIT & STRONG. Knowing exactly what to do in the gym to meet your goals.

  • Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food. Learning what to eat to fuel your body. No restriction. And NO guilt!

  • Living in the moment because your Healthy Foundation has given you internal peace where you handle stress so much smoother!

  • Learning to love yourself wholly & feel confident in your own skin.

  • Finally establishing ME TIME without guilt. This self care gives you a rejuvenation to approach your daily demands & show up for the people you love.

  • How to handle Energy Suckers & Restore your Energy Balloon

This program is Customized to meet each client where they are. It is completely tailored to individual needs, goals, desires, fitness level, current lifestyle, and overall health

When I asked clients what their health & lifestyle was like before working with me and after working with me...



Here are just some of the things we work on during the 12- Weeks...

  • Morning & Nighttime Routines

  • Cornerstone Habits- Sustainability & Adaptability

  • Fitness, Muscle Strength, and Endurance

  • Balance & Core Stability

  • Mobility & Muscle Imbalances

  • Day-to-day & Weekly Routines

  • Why Statement

  • Enhancement of Personal Relationships

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Mindset & Mental Health

  • Emotional Support

  • Stress Management

Here's the details of the Lifestyle Transformation Program


12-Weeks Custom Workouts

You'll receive your fully customized workouts, mobility exercises to correct muscle imbalances through an app. Exercise video demonstration. Exercise Tracking. Progression Tracking & more!

Value: $1,200


Private Coaching Calls

You'll get SIX one-on-one zoom calls with me! This is where the magic happens. In these calls we will really dig deep into your Mental & Emotional Health as we continue progressing your Physical Health.

Value: $900


Text Support

On top of the calls you get unlimited text support with me directly! This is really the MASSIVE accountability piece you need to succeed. Daily check ins and an open forum for you to use how you need.

Value: $600


Access to Cornerstone to Healthy Living

You'll get instant access to my online course, The Cornerstone to Healthy Living PLUS all the bonuses! This course teaches you the Cornerstone Method so on our first coaching call we can get right to coaching!

Value: $311


Trainerize App

The app used to send all your custom workouts has so many amazing benefits! Exercise video demonstration. Exercise Tracking. Body Progression Tracking. Habit Tracking. Apple Watch, Fitbit, & MyFitnessPal sync capability. & so much more!

Value: $75


A Healthy Foundation

Tailored Habits & Routines to fit into your Life that will be sustainable & adaptable. So when life throws you a curveball; you can still rely on the Healthy Foundation you've created.

Value: Priceless

A total value of: $3,086

The Actual Investment: $1,500

Payment plans available

Girl, do you REALLY need any more proof?!?!

Let me introduce myself..

Hi, I’m Kristie, NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2016. Founder of A Strong Soul Wellness. I help busy  women get FIT & TRANSFORM lives by building Healthy Habits to nurture their Mind, Body, & Soul!

Hey girl, I'm Kristie, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist.  I've been working with women since 2016!

I specialize in helping women get FIT through strength training & helping them TRANSFORM their lives by building Healthy Habits that nurtures their Mind, Body, and Soul.

I want you to know I've been where you are. I've been unhealthy, unbalanced & thought there wasn't another way. Life was just too busy to try to get out of the hamster wheel.

That was until I decided to try something different because just lifting weights wasn't working anymore. I still felt tired, grumpy, and anxious. AND I was always sick!

So this time… I went a little deeper.

I discovered in order to find Health & Wellness you had to look at the body as a whole. And I quickly realized I had to nurture my Mind, Body, and Soul to become fully healthy.

So I put together 5 habits that with consistency would become the Cornerstone to my Healthy Lifestyle.

And this is how I realized women were missing an important piece to the puzzle when it comes to their Health & Wellness. And that is success is in creating easy & sustainable Habits.

So that is why I built a program to show women how to nurture their Mind, Body, and Soul by developing Healthy Habits.

This creates their Healthy Foundation that they can always turn to because it’s so sustainable AND adaptable for when life throws you those curveballs.

This coaching program is so different and that is why it works so well! We work to create a long-lasting & adaptable approach to your everyday life!

The time for you to live the life you desire is here.

Are you ready to join the other women who are living a Healthier & Fuller life?

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